Processing in our complex is divided into two stages in both of which the priority is to produce quality products:

  1. Processing fruits into dried fruits
  2. Processing dried fruits into consumable nuts

We aim to pay our utmost attention to buying premium fresh fruits or dried ones and conduct various experiments to ensure ripeness and lack of pests, molds, yeasts etc. at the beginning so that the final product is healthy and world-class. The laboratory in our complex accurately examines the presence and measures chemicals like aflatoxin, fertilizers, pesticides and the sulfur remaining on products in order to preserve their nutritional value along with their original taste according to national and international standards of organic and healthy. 

Constant quality control in the process of production has eliminated any possible blind spot and possibility for error and has introduced us as an impeccable company among top food industries.


It is worth mentioning that not only do we dry our fruits in modern driers, but also we use the light and heat from sun in our processes. Leading nutritionists believe that no single machine or method can dry fruits while preserving their taste and quality like the drying power of sunlight and sun heat. Sunlight gives a bright and natural color to the dried fruit while maintaining its nutritional value up to some point. This has made us utilize sunlight in our production processes. 


At this phase, fully automatic machines sort the dried fruits and classify them according to their sizes. This is the time for X-Ray scanners, camera scanners, laser scanners and metal scanners to distinguish and remove waste and impermissible martials. When sizing and scanning are over, the products go through packaging and are packaged in different weights and boxes according to our customers’ order.

We have gladly eliminated final product storage and have set our production rate according to the order we receive from our customers, markets and sales so that the product we provide is healthy, fresh and crisp.

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